Tiki Course - Wood and Style

Matos Tarifa, 12. September 2023 70

The Tiki is a long wooden board (usually Paulownia) specially designed for kitesurfing.

It is a formidable weapon in light winds with an easy start from 8 knots, but also holds up perfectly at 30 knots and more.
The length of its rail and its flexibility offers a great capacity to go upwind and a light and smooth gliding feeling.

Ideal for learning the Strapless, its great lift forgives the beginner’s positioning errors and allows you to concentrate more on the balance between kite piloting and navigation on this pretty board.

You learn to be mobile and fluid while riding, and you get a very smooth feeling of the ride.

The feedback is excellent thanks to the Paulownia wood which faithfully transmits the movements of the board to the feet.

The Tiki absorbs chop and offers an incredibly smooth ride.

The Tiki is a kiteboard that is an integral part of our school’s DNA. It offers an incomparable freedom of glide, a fluid rhythm and a naturally playful and educational navigation. We are the first and only kitesurf school in Tarifa to offer Tiki teaching.

The Tiki in kitesurfing is versatile and suitable for waves as well as for long sea rides. It provides pure riding pleasure and allows you to relax and unwind while kitesurfing.

Don’t hesitate to discover this unique board and enjoy its many advantages during our kitesurfing lessons. Trust our team of professionals to accompany you in your learning and to make you live unforgettable moments on the water.

Why, for whom?

  • The desire to explore new sliding sensations.
  • A tool in the light and strong wind.
  • Ideal companion for long distances.

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